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+++++Are you or a loved one in trouble, and need the best Boston criminal defense lawyer? A lawyer who is tough, smart and creative? A lawyer who will fight, then fight again, one who is not cowed by the government, or by a judge? A lawyer who can get the best result, whether at trial, motions to suppress, motions to dismiss, or through negotiation? A lawyer the prosecution, and the judge, knows is always dangerous at trial? A lawyer who has beaten multiple murder cases at trial and on appeal? A lawyer who understands that the most important case is your case?
+++++If you need a savvy, tough, successful defense lawyer, our firm is an outstanding choice. We handle misdemeanors and felonies, adult and juvenile defense, state and federal cases, both trials and appeals, with dedication and tenacity. For an overview of the issues in the most common criminal charges, click on one of the Practice Areas in the right-hand column on this page.
+++++We attack the government’s case factually and legally, pursuing every angle in defense of our clients’ rights and futures. We have a proven history of finding defenses and exploiting weaknesses in the government’s cases that many attorneys simply do not see.

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Decades of Successful Trial Experience

+++++Led by Jack Cunha, our criminal defense team represents people across a broad spectrum of criminal charges, state and federal. Our clients depend upon us to advocate aggressively for favorable outcomes by employing in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts and federal law, coupled with skill and judgment. Some cases require diplomacy, others battle at trial. Knowing when to use each, alone or in tandem, can make the crucial difference in your case.
+++++Jack Cunha has consistently tackled the toughest challenges for almost 40 years, including obtaining numerous acquittals in cases ranging from domestic disputes or drunk driving, to high-profile cases, such as murder or complex federal RICO prosecutions. The other attorneys on our team contribute finely-honed skills by also representing clients, but also in larger cases by providing investigative research, trial work, and formulating defense strategy, all in the total effort we deliver for clients charged with crimes.

Do You Need an Aggressive Advocate, Proven in Federal and State Courts?

You can count on our Boston-based criminal defense attorneys to listen to you – about the facts of your case and your goals – to build the best strategy for the best result, whether it be at trial or by finding an alternative path to resolution.
+++++However desperate your situation may seem, we can help. We encourage you to get our law firm involved as soon as you possibly can. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of people through tough times. When you need the best Boston criminal defense lawyers, your decision to contact us could make all the difference for you and your family.

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+++++One member of our criminal defense team is a native speaker in both Spanish and English and another is fluent in French.
+++++When your case needs the best Boston criminal defense lawyers, call Jack Cunha at Cunha & Holcomb.