Boston Probation Violation Lawyers

After a person is convicted of a crime in Massachusetts, part of the sentence may include a period of probation. The probationer must adhere to terms and conditions ordered by the Court. Probationary terms require checking in with his or her probation officer on a regular basis, abstaining from being arrested or committing further crimes. Probationers also often must pay restitution, perform community service, and be subject to alcohol or drug testing.

Attacking the Basis for a Claimed Violation

Our Boston probation violation lawyers fight violation allegations on a number of fronts:

  • attacking the factual basis for the violation
  • developing alternative means of addressing a violation, such as drug programs
  • negotiating with the Probation Officer, seeking a mutually agreeable resolution

+++++A violation of any term of probation may subject you to arrest and additional criminal penalties, including jail time. Our Boston probation violation lawyers are a long-standing, results-driven resource for people charged with probation violations in Massachusetts. We protect your rights and work to assure that you do not face additional consequences for an alleged violation of your probation.

Experienced Boston Probation Violations Attorneys

+++++After a person is alleged to have violated probation, he or she will have to go back to court. A judge will review the allegations, considering testimony from the probation officer, and sometimes others. The judge will determine whether or not there is probable cause to believe that he or she violated the terms of his or her probation.
+++++If found guilty of violating probation, he or she may be subject to enhanced sentencing and the loss of probation. He or she may have to serve a jail sentence, pay expensive fines or adhere to stricter terms of probation. Due to the high stakes, it is important to retain an experienced lawyer as soon as possible.

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