Boston Sex Crime Defense Lawyers for Accusations of Date Rape and Other Sex Offenses

+++++Anyone accused of a sex crime in Massachusetts, ranging from indecent assault or rape to possession of child pornography, needs Boston sex crime defense lawyers for charges that can permanently shatter one’s life. In addition to lengthy jail or prison sentences for many offenses, required registration with the Sex Offenders Registry Board (SORB) is a devastating consequence for your educational prospects, career and overall future.
+++++Over the course of decades in active criminal defense practice, lawyers at our firm have effectively defended individuals accused of date rape and others facing a range of sex crime allegations, both in court and in college and high school disciplinary proceedings, where clients face potential life-altering suspension or expulsion from school.
+++++We match and exceed the rigor of police investigations on our client’s behalf, analyzing all angles of potential defense and building powerful cases for dismissal, acquittal or manageable consequences for people facing serious charges such as:

  • Rape, or assault with intent to rape.
  • Indecent assault and battery.
  • Possession of child pornography.
  • People who turn to Cunha & Holcomb, P.C., for defense against sex charges benefit from our thorough, balanced approach and relentless focus on protection of our clients’ rights. Led in our criminal defense practice by 30-plus-year trial veteran John H. (Jack) Cunha Jr., our firm’s strengths and integrity are widely respected at all levels of the Boston metro area court system.

Turn to Massachusetts Attorneys Who Strive to Disprove Sexual Assault Allegations

+++++While the law requires the government to prove allegations beyond a reasonable doubt, as a practical matter, juries in certain types of cases want innocence to be proven.

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+++++There is absolutely no time to lose if you or a loved one has been arrested for or questioned in relation to a sex crime. We urge you to consult experienced Boston sex crimes defense attorney at our firm as quickly as possible and get our team involved in your case.