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+++++You need Boston domestic violence lawyers to address the wide-ranging laws intended to deter domestic violence and protect victims, which are incredibly important, but also subject to misuse and unjust outcomes. Unfortunately, false or exaggerated allegations can result in unfair and devastating consequences.
+++++Public outrage over past failures to protect domestic violence victims have led police and prosecutors to err in the opposite direction. Now, minor domestic arguments often lead to serious criminal charges, even if the alleged victim does not want to prosecute! You need defense counsel willing, able and unafraid to protect you from this politically motivated overzealousness.
+++++Led in our criminal defense practice by Attorney Jack Cunha, our team of lawyers provides skillful representation informed by in-depth knowledge of Massachusetts domestic violence laws, the impact of criminal convictions and restraining orders, sometimes called abuse prevention orders, and the vast range of personal circumstances and motivations that often enter into these cases.

Experienced As Criminal Defense & Divorce Lawyers

+++++Decades of active work in both our divorce & family law, as well as our criminal defense practice areas, has given our team of Boston domestic violence lawyers a balanced perspective on allegations of domestic violence and abuse. We offer:

  • In-depth familiarity with the procedures and legal requirements necessary to obtain a valid 209A restraining order, or to get an unjustly imposed restraining order removed or denied
  • Recognition that some domestic violence charges and requests for restraining orders are motivated by desire for revenge or leverage in a divorce, especially when child custody and visitation are at issue
  • Resourceful representation for people accused of violent acts against a spouse, roommate or others in a domestic setting — often requiring investigation to show that a charge or restraining order is not justified by what actually happened
  • Reports of domestic violence, stalking, threats and other acts involving people involved in personal relationships put police and court officials in difficult situations. When police are called, someone almost always gets arrested, even if evidence of any violent act is questionable. Our attorneys are at unraveling the “he said-she said” nature of such situations and getting to the facts
+++++The Boston domestic violence defense lawyers at our firm will apply extensive experience in seeking a just outcome that protects your rights and your future.

Decisive Counsel Is Essential for Anyone Accused

+++++No one should underestimate the seriousness of a domestic violence charge — even a charge with no basis in fact. Having a restraining order imposed against you can also have a lasting, severe impact on relationships with children and other aspects of your life.

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