Boston Drug Possession Defense Lawyers

+++++If you have been arrested for possession, you need aggressive Boston drug possession defense lawyers to avoid criminal penalties and protect your future. At Cunha & Holcomb, we are experienced at defending clients from drug crimes in the Boston area, inside and outside of the courtroom.
+++++With more than 35 years of experience, Attorney Jack Cunha knows the impact these charges can have on your life. As a former clinical instructor at Harvard Law School, Jack has taught and lectured on criminal defense in Massachusetts and across the country, and understands the consequences you face and will work to defend you against possession and other drug-related charges.

Possession of Marijuana

+++++Possession of less than an ounce of marijuana is a civil offense. This means that no criminal charge should be filed. Instead, you will owe only a $100 civil penalty and the marijuana will be confiscated. If you are under 18, you will also be required to attend a drug awareness program.
+++++However, more and more prosecutors are charging individuals with less than an ounce of marijuana with possession with intent to distribute. This is a criminal charge and can have a lasting impact on your life — you are being accused of being a drug dealer.

Drug Possession Sentencing Guidelines

+++++For simple marijuana possession charges, there are no mandatory minimum sentences. However, if your charge is increased to possession with intent to distribute or trafficking, for marijuana or any type of illegal drug, the charges ratchet up at each level. You could face mandatory minimum jail time.
+++++A mandatory minimum will vary depending on the specific criminal charge and the type of drugs involved. When you work with our Boston drug possession defense lawyers, we will review your case, provide you with a straightforward assessment of the penalties involved, and develop strategies to fight it, both legally and factually.

Consequences of Conviction

+++++Oftentimes with drug charges, it is the collateral consequences that are the most devastating. A criminal conviction can affect your job, future work opportunities, your education, educational loans, and any professional licenses you hold or want to obtain. With a criminal record for possession, a conviction could haunt you for years to come.
+++++At our firm, we understand the impact a conviction will have on your future. We are committed to helping you mitigate the penalties you face and protect your record.

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