Boston Drug Charges Defense Lawyers

Going without experienced representation Boston drug charges defense lawyers, you may hire a lawyer to simply “plead you out” to a drug charge, which could be a life-changing decision you seriously regret. The laws covering controlled substance offenses are harsh, and the penalties and implications of a conviction are severe, including consequences which may not become evident until years later.
+++++Even minor charges may lead to life-altering penalties, such as loss of a driver’s license or ineligibility to receive federally insured college loans. The aggressive prosecution you will face, whether charged with drug possession, intent to distribute or trafficking, must be met with an aggressive and determined defense.

Trial-Proven Boston Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking Attorneys

+++++Our founding attorney Jack Cunha, who leads our focused and resourceful criminal defense team, has built a 30-year track record of delivering results in challenging drug cases. Our downtown Boston boutique law firm is dedicated to thorough investigation of each case we handle at the state or federal level, and to mounting the most effective possible defense of an adult or juvenile facing charges such as:

  • Possession or intent to distribute marijuana, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy, prescription drugs such as OxyContin (oxycodone), and other controlled substances
  • Large-scale drug trafficking cases that often arise from government agency sting operations and lead to multiple charges and high-stakes litigation in the state or federal court
  • Drug offense cases involving enhancements due to arrest in a school zone or other factors

Motions to Suppress to Protect Your Rights

+++++Our Boston drug charges defense attorneys are versed in every aspect of constitutional rights at the federal level, and the even greater protections provided by Massachusetts law. We are prepared to attack any violation of those rights by law enforcement, from unlawful search and seizure to other oversteps enabling suppression of evidence in our client’s case.
+++++If you or your loved one was arrested because police had no right to be where they were, conduct the car, apartment or home search they did, or make other demands, you can depend on our legal team to leverage that fact with maximum effectiveness. If the prosecution’s case is overwhelming, we are proven, adept and respected negotiators prepared to exhaust all avenues for minimizing the ultimate impact on your life.

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+++++To work with Boston drug charges defense lawyers who will treat you with respect, hear you out and deliver a total defense effort, call 617-523-4300. We provide criminal defense for people of all cultural backgrounds. One of our attorneys is a native bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another fluent in French.