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+++++We provide the best Boston divorce attorneys | best Boston criminal defense attorneys. We focus on a limited number of clients.  We are a quality-centered boutique firm emphasizing discrete practice areas, individual client attention, and the ability to handle complex, high-stakes family law and criminal law cases. We are not a high-volume practice. We also have a track record of success in various civil litigation disputes and appeals, including civil rights claims, as well as serious personal injury and wrongful death claims.
+++++We represent men and women with a vast range of cultural backgrounds, occupations and economic circumstances. Our firm is an accomplished, dependable resource for professionals – business owners and executives, lawyers, doctors, college professors, teachers and others.
+++++We have a long history of representing people who originate from other nations, and understanding their unique issues, whether they are visitors, green card holders or citizens. One of our lawyers is a native Spanish and English speaker and another is fluent in French.
+++++While the family law/divorce practice and the criminal law practice generally represent different clients, quite often our combined expertise is essential for clients caught in contentious marital disputes requiring both the best Boston divorce attorneys | best Boston criminal defense attorneys.

Divorce Lawyers

Equipped to Overcome Complexity &
Help You Move Forward

+++++At Cunha & Holcomb, you benefit from a highly skilled legal team’s decades of experience across the spectrum of Massachusetts family and divorce law.  Whatever concerns are most important to you, whether child-related, personal or financial, we deliver compassion, insightful analysis and assertive, top-tier advocacy in your best interest.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers

We Can Help When Disaster Strikes

+++++There is nothing more frightening and confusing than being charged – or threatened with being charged – with a crime, state or federal. Whether legally it is more or less serious, it is always serious to our clients. People turn to us to educate them, counsel them, and to go to war for them when they or a loved one is facing the full power of the state. We also represent juveniles charged with delinquency, as well as students facing disciplinary hearings in schools or colleges.

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+++++Contact the best Boston divorce attorneys | best Boston criminal defense attorneys — Cunha & Holcomb, or call, 617-523-4300.