BBO Complaint

+++++Attorneys are subject to strict rules regarding fee arrangements, ethics obligations, IOLTA acounts, and other regulations imposed by the Supreme Judicial Court. The Board of Bar Overseers (BBO) ensures compliance with all attorney regulations and Rules of Professional Conduct. Attorney Jack Cunha can help if you have received a BBO complaint.
+++++We work with you first to assess whether your professional liability policy covers your attorneys fees for representation before the Board of Bar Overseers. We also review with you what disciplinary actions the BBO may seek, ranging from a letter of caution, admonition, public reprimand, suspension for a term or indefinitely, to disbarment.
+++++We also assist attorneys applying for reinstatement of a suspended license, guiding them through the process, as well as drafting and filing the Petition for Reinstatement with the BBO.

Attorney Discipline

+++++BBO complaints are first vetted by investigators with the Office of Bar Counsel. The attorney is notified of the complaint and is required to respond timely. Bar Counsel may seek written evidence and may require that the attorney appear for examination in a deposition-like setting. Frequently, complaints are dismissed after a response from the attorney. If not, we seek a non-public outcome, such as having your practice audited by the Massachusetts Law Office Management Program (“LOMAP”).
+++++If Bar Counsel determines to proceed with further action, it files a petition for discipline with the Board of Bar Overseers. The matter will be assigned to a hearing committee for adjudication. Our lawyers vigorously and aggressively defend you at all stages of the process.

Contact Us

+++++To schedule a preliminary evaluation of a BBO complaint or Petition for Discipline, please contact us, or call Jack Cunha at 617-523-4300.