Sealing A Criminal Record

+++++Trouble getting a job? Afraid your boss will find out about your case? Concerned about promotion if your case is discovered? Cunha & Holcomb can help in sealing a criminal record.
+++++People with criminal records – even when the case was dismissed – may be denied employment or professional licenses, housing, schooling, student loans, and other opportunities for stability and mobility that others take for granted. Your credit rating and personal reputation may be harmed.
+++++Having a record can have lifelong consequences – background checks by employers, landlords, banks, and colleges are now routine. If your criminal record is sealed, none of them can access your record, except in exceptional, specified circumstances.

We Can Fight This Injustice For You

+++++Protect your privacy. If you have been unable to get a job, or harmed in any way by a record of non-conviction, or if you can point to future problems, call us:

“Cunha & Holcomb is awesome!! A few years ago I got in trouble for something and I wanted to seal my record. I met with them and they made the whole process very easy and explained everything in detail so I wasn’t confused on the day I had court. After everything was said and done we found out a few weeks later I won my case and if it wasn’t for them helping me with the whole appeal process I do not think I would have received the same outcome. If I ever need legal advice again, I am calling them. They’re honest and will work hard to help you in any way!!” Source of Endorsement

Dismissals, CWOFs, and “Nol Pros’s”

+++++Records of nonconviction can be sealed where “it appears to the Court that substantial justice would best be served.” In 2014, after reviewing the CORI reform instituted in 2010, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court liberalized the sealing of records of dismissals – even after a CWOF (Continuance Without a Finding), as well as nolle prosequis entered by the prosecution.
+++++Call us to help you take advantage of the more lenient standard for sealing your record.

Convictions – Misdemeanors and Felonies

+++++5 years after conviction for a misdemeanor, and 10 years for conviction of most felonies, your record should be sealed automatically by the Commissioner of Probation.
+++++You can check the status of your old convictions by filling out an Adult Personal Criminal Record Request.

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+++++If you need help sealing a criminal record, or with problems you discover after getting a copy of your CORI, call us. We have successfully helped many clients seal their criminal records.