Boston Drunk Driving Defense Lawyers

Do you need skilled Boston drunk driving defense lawyers? No one should underestimate the seriousness of a drunk driving charge, referred to in Massachusetts as Operating Under the Influence (OUI).
+++++The penalties for OUI — called DUI or DWI in other states — are very serious, including a lengthy driver’s license suspension, substantial fines, costly treatment programs and even the potential for significant jail time. Repeat offenders face mandatory jail time, the possible permanent loss of a driver’s license, and possible additional criminal charges such as child endangerment. Other consequences include the requirement that you purchase very expensive high-risk insurance once you recover your license.
+++++If you are facing an OUI, you need the best representation you can afford.

Diligence and Experience Make a Difference for You

+++++OUI cases often involve complicated and highly technical defenses. A successful outcome will require an attorney who is not only an expert in criminal law, but who is also an expert in OUI cases. Attorney Jack Cunha has successfully defended a range of OUI cases, applying expertise and innovative strategy by carefully analyzing factors such as:

  • All facts and statements treated by courts as “expert evidence,” including police reports and officer testimony
  • Breathalyzer procedures and results, and the validity of field sobriety tests such as the horizontal gaze nystagmus test
  • Whether the traffic stop that led to an OUI arrest was illegal or made with probable cause

Strong Legal Representation Is Essential for Dealing With An OUI Charge

+++++Massachusetts has tremendous law enforcement and prosecution resources, and it puts a significant portion of those resources to work enforcing drunk driving laws. This means that anyone charged with OUI or a similar alcohol-related driving crime has virtually no chance of avoiding serious penalties without a defense lawyer who will consider every angle on the case, and who will attack the government’s case aggressively and creatively.
+++++In an OUI case, police will often start building a case against you before they even pull you over. An officer will look at the way you are driving, how long it takes you to pull out your driver’s license, how long it takes you to get out of the car, and your physical appearance. Officers will often ask seemingly innocent questions such as: “Where are you coming from?” in order to gather evidence showing that you were some place where you were likely to have consumed alcohol. An effective OUI attorney needs to be prepared to attack this “evidence.”

Motions to Suppress Illegally Seized Evidence or Statements

+++++If you are involved in an accident, police will often order medical personnel to draw blood. An expert OUI attorney will know how to prevent incriminating blood test results from being used against you in court.
+++++Attorney Jack Cunha has successfully argued motions to suppress Breathalyzer test results, successfully challenged motor vehicle stops resulting in the dismissal of cases, and secured “not guilty” verdicts in numerous trials.

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