Boston Health Care Fraud Lawyers

+++++Our Boston health care fraud lawyers have built a successful criminal practice by taking a thorough, assertive and proactive approach to defending those facing criminal charges. Early intervention is key – if federal or state investigators ask to speak to you, politely decline and immediately contact our Boston health care fraud lawyers.
+++++Located in downtown Boston, our firm represents clients in both state and federal court matters. Regardless of the level of complexity involved in the situation, our clients rely on us for effective legal representation.

Complex, Document Rich Cases

+++++Most health care fraud cases are document-rich and involve the interpretation of complex insurance policies and contracts. If you are charged with health care or insurance fraud, it is imperative that you are represented by a lawyer with a criminal charges in this area of law. Our Boston health care fraud attorneys represent clients in situations involving:

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Phantom billing
  • Reimbursement issues
  • Double billing

Boston Health Care Fraud Attorneys

+++++Our criminal defense practice is led by founding attorney Jack Cunha, who has almost 40 years of experience representing those facing significant criminal charges. He and our team of attorneys pursue all criminal cases in an aggressive and strategic manner. We use a wide range of resources when building a defense that will likely achieve the best outcome. The federal and state statutes that govern medical care reimbursement are complicated, and a trap for the unwary physician, office administrator, pharmaceutical or other health care professional. At Cunha & Holcomb, you will have an experienced Boston health care fraud lawyer on your side.

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+++++Please contact our firm at 617-523-4300 to schedule an initial consultation. One of our attorneys is a native bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another is fluent in French.