Representative Divorce & Family Law Cases

High Net Worth Divorce – Property Division

Attorney Holcomb represented the husband in a divorce case involving complex financial issues regarding the wife’s ownership interest in a multi-million dollar family limited partnership. Attorney Holcomb was able to secure a favorable settlement for the client, which included a payout from the family limited partnership.

In a divorce of a second marriage for both parties, one of whom was a professor at a major teaching hospital and the other a professor at a local university, Attorney Holcomb secured a fair division of the multimillion dollar estate by overcoming false allegations of abusive treatment during the marriage.

In a high net worth divorce after a medium-term marriage with millions of dollars in assets, Attorney Holcomb secured an even division of the assets between the parties, after significant discovery and valuation to ensure that the opposing spouse was properly declaring the value of the assets.

In a divorce after a long-term marriage in which one spouse was part-owner of a large company, and the parties owned multiple real estate properties and financial accounts totaling millions of dollars, Attorney Holcomb conducted significant discovery and analysis to prove the actual value of the properties, and secured a fair division of the marital assets based on those true values.


In a divorce, after a long-term marriage – with marital assets of well over a million dollars – Attorney Helen Holcomb secured more than half of the assets for the long-time homemaker spouse, and, in addition, a substantial alimony award.

Attorney Holcomb defended a claim for substantial alimony arrears that occurred over a period of many years and successfully negotiated a fair settlement which included the termination of future alimony.

In a divorce between a highly paid medical professional and a custodial parent who stayed home with the parties’ learning disabled child, Attorney Holcomb secured a five figure monthly alimony/child support combined payment during the initial divorce action, and defended it repeatedly in contempt and modification actions over a multi-year period thereafter in both the trial and appeals court, winning multiple substantial fee awards in the process.

Divorce – Complaint for Modification

In an action for modification of a child support order, Attorney Holcomb secured a substantial reduction due to the children’s determination not to live with the custodial parent during their college years. Counsel further defended the non-custodial parent against a meritless contempt complaint.

attorney Holcomb successfully secured the dismissal of a complaint for modification and was awarded fees on appeal where the moving spouse did not show a reduction of income or other material change in circumstances since the time of the divorce.

International Divorce Clients

In an international child custody case, Attorney Holcomb defended a foreign national and a foreign court’s determination of a divorce action against a challenge asserting that Massachusetts was the proper forum for the divorce determination.

Divorce – Complaints for Removal

Attorney Holcomb has successfully litigated family law & divorce cases involving known as removal cases, where the custodial parent was looking to remove school-age children from Massachusetts to another state.