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Caring, Knowledgeable Counsel on Parental Move-Aways

+++++One of the most contentious and emotionally charged situations that can arise between divorced parents is a primary or joint residential parent’s desire to move elsewhere with the children. Whether this is driven by a job opportunity, the goal of being close to other loved ones, or other factors, anyone on either side of a relocation dispute must recognize that Massachusetts “child removal” laws are complex. Counsel from Boston child removal-child relocation lawyers with strong, relevant experience is vitally important.
+++++Generally speaking, any move outside Massachusetts requires agreement between the parents — and if negotiations do not produce an agreement, trial may be necessary to decide the issue. While moves within the Commonwealth are not restricted under current law, they often call for appropriate modifications of custody, visitation orders and child support.

Boston Attorneys for Relocation of Children After Divorce

+++++Led by Attorney Helen Holcomb, our skilled, knowledgeable Boston child removal lawyers have achieved favorable outcomes on behalf of:

  • Parents with primary custody (residency) seeking legal authorization to move with children, and thus required to demonstrate that the move was in the children’s best interests
  • Non-primary custodial parents whose goals included stopping a move altogether or obtaining modifications of other orders
  • As in all family law matters involving children, the court’s primary guiding principle in child removal/relocation cases is protection of the best interests of the child. Applying extensive negotiation and trial experience, as well as up-to-date knowledge of evolving case law, and based on thorough investigation of all factors in your case, we offer aggressive yet balanced and realistic counsel to help each client foresee likely outcomes and secure the best possible result.

Protection of Your Parental Rights in Any Proposed Move-Away Situation

+++++We have multilingual capabilities at our firm, including a highly experienced, native Spanish-speaking attorney and an attorney who is fluent in French. Our work in parental relocation matters extends to international cases. We are sensitive to the full spectrum of emotional, financial and practical aspects of these situations, and we stand prepared to advocate assertively for the best achievable outcome.
+++++If you are considering a move involving your children or concerned about your ex-spouse’s intention to move, timely action can be critical for everyone involved.

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+++++Please contact our Boston child removal-child relocation lawyers at 617-523-4300 to schedule an initial consultation. One of our attorneys is a native bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another is fluent in French.