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+++++In Massachusetts, abuse prevention orders and harassment prevention orders are intended to deter domestic violence and protect victims. At Cunha & Holcomb, our Boston restraining orders lawyers have in-depth familiarity with the procedures necessary to obtain a restraining order will assist you throughout the process. This is a practice area that often calls upon the expertise we offer in both Family Law & Divorce, as well as criminal defense.

Abuse Prevention Orders in Massachusetts

+++++An abuse prevention order, also called a “209A order,” provides law enforcement protection from physical or sexual harm caused by force or the threat of force from a family or household member. There are three types of orders:

  • Emergency protective orders protect a person in imminent danger of abuse when the court is closed. The police can get a temporary protective order from a judge through the emergency judicial response system. The order is only good until the close of the next day the court is open
  • Temporary (ex-parte) orders can be obtained without a full court hearing and without the alleged abuser present. Within 10 business days, a court date for a full hearing will be scheduled where both parties have a chance to be present and tell their side of the story
  • Long-term orders are issued only after a court hearing where each party has the chance to testify to a judge. It does not matter if the alleged abuser actually shows up, as long as proper notice of the hearing was given. The accuser must attend the hearing. A long-term order usually lasts for a year. Lifetime orders, while rarely granted, are possible.

Harassment Prevention Orders in Massachusetts

+++++A harassment prevention order is issued by a court to stop and prevent any violent or threatening act, abuse, communication, contact or harassment. It can also prevent a harasser from coming within a specified distance. With this order, it does not matter who the person doing the harassing is, whether a stranger or someone who is known.

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+++++A Boston domestic violence defense lawyer, with extensive experience, can help obtain an abuse prevention order or harassment prevention order in Massachusetts, or defend you when there are two sides to the story.

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