Boston Alimony Lawyers

+++++It is more important than ever to consult experienced Boston alimony lawyers if you believe “spousal support” could be awarded in your divorce — or if you suspect that current laws may entitle you to modification of what you currently pay or receive.

Alimony Reform Act

+++++The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act of 2011 dramatically changed the way divorcing men and women must address this often pivotal, intensely disputed issue. The law now breaks alimony down into four separate categories of support (general, rehabilitative, reimbursement or transitional), each with a statutory-defined duration limit depending on the type of alimony, length of the marriage, and other relevant factors. Additionally, the law sets forth guidelines for modifying alimony based on a change of circumstances. It is in your best interest to seek the representation of Boston alimony lawyers who can help ensure the Massachusetts alimony statute is applied in your favor.

Experienced Boston Alimony Attorneys

+++++Led in our family law and divorce practice by widely respected trial attorney and negotiator Helen Holcomb, who is a Certified Financial Litigator, we are a premier resource for information on current alimony law and likely outcomes in your case. Under her leadership, we successfully represent both men and women in complex alimony matters by building strong cases based on a thorough understanding of Massachusetts law.

We Understand the Nuances of Current Alimony Law

+++++Whether you are merely considering divorce, or seeking a Complaint for Modification of an existing spousal support decree, our Boston alimony lawyers will apply decades of experience to help you obtain a just outcome under the new alimony statute. It is critical to understand that alimony for life — once the norm in Massachusetts in cases when spousal support was awarded — will now be the exception because of the change in the law. Consequently, consideration and interpretation of how to advocate for the factors which bear on the new statutory definitions that govern awards of alimony is essential. For instance, does a spouse need time and training to increase earning capacity, or did he or she work to support their spouses’ educations and careers? While the length of the marriage remains a key consideration, various specific financial and personal circumstances can also be brought into play in negotiation and litigation.

Spousal Support Lawyers for Business Owners & Professionals

+++++Contested divorce representation for professionals, business owners and others is a clear strength of the Boston alimony lawyers at our boutique law firm. We offer personal attention and professional advocacy in matters involving alimony — sometimes, and elsewhere in the U.S., called spousal support or spousal maintenance.
+++++For a clear, balanced analysis of your specific situation and protection of your interests, please schedule a consultation at our offices in the heart of downtown Boston. If you believe spousal support may be an issue in your divorce, we encourage you to reach out to our team of Boston alimony lawyers, who have a history of successful advocacy.

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