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+++++Divorce for business owners presents a unique set of challenges requiring Boston divorce & family law lawyers skilled in financial litigation — Attorney Helen Holcomb is a Certified Financial Litigator. Your personal well-being, as well as the success of your business, are both important factors. While this can be a trying time, with Cunha & Holcomb you have the benefit of knowing that you have expert advocates on your side.
+++++Our Boston divorce lawyers for business owners are recognized for delivering legal services backed with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity. Our divorce family law practice is led by Helen Holcomb, an experienced, superb trial lawyer and negotiator. She brings years of experience to the practice and has helped countless individuals navigate through the complexities associated with complex divorce and family law matters.

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+++++In order to be successful in representing a business owner in a divorce, your attorney must have the skills, knowledge and resources necessary to properly value a business. Our goal is to manage your case in the most effective way possible while maintaining the day-to-day operations of the business, which is essential to both parties.
+++++At Cunha & Holcomb, we have a wealth of resources we call upon for expertise, including business valuators, tax experts, and forensic accountants. Whether you are a business owner or spouse of a business owner, we ask critical questions to establish the true value of the business and the full value of all assets, and we work to ensure that your best interests are kept in the foreground at all times.
+++++While taking an assertive stance in protecting your rights, our Boston divorce lawyers for business owners will provide guidance and support throughout the divorce process. As experienced negotiators, we have been successful in reaching favorable outcomes without having to go to trial. However, if your situation calls for vigorous advocacy and experience in the courtroom, we vigorously represent your interests.

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+++++At Cunha & Holcomb, we have experience advocating for a wide range of business owners and professionals. No situation is too complex for our law firm to undertake.

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+++++Please contact our divorce for business owners lawyers at 617-523-4300 to schedule an initial consultation. One of our attorneys is a native bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another is fluent in French.