Boston Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

+++++Our ability to handle same-sex divorce is derived from the same skill set and in-depth knowledge of the law as our work in other complex areas of Massachusetts family law. If you are a gay or lesbian spouse dealing with a marriage breakup, rely on our Boston same-sex divorce lawyers with confidence in our deep commitment to helping you through the process with understanding, focus on detail, and the greatest possible efficiency.

Boston Family Law Lawyers Who Untangle Legal Complexities

+++++The Commonwealth’s legalization of “gay marriage,” marked by the decision to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in Massachusetts beginning in 2004, was an important milestone, now matched with recognition of same-sex marriages at the federal level and in all other states.
+++++With equality come complexities that our experienced Boston same-sex divorce lawyers understand and know how to navigate — particularly in terms of your rights involving property division. Divorce law is now uniform. The right to divide all marital assets, including retirement accounts and pension rollovers without penalties under Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), extends to all spouses, irrespective of gender identity. A Certified Financial Litigator, Attorney Helen Holcomb has acumen and experience in evaluating and dividing finances.

Focus on Your Goals and Attention to the Details

+++++You can turn to our proven firm, led in family law practice by resourceful negotiator and trial lawyers, Helen Holcomb and long-time Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association member, Attorney Charles Hope, for representation of your interests in:

  • Child custody and visitation/joint parenting time if your case involves children
  • All aspects of property division, however complex and nuanced — including the use of experts if needed for real estate and business valuation, forensic accounting to ensure full disclosure of assets, and other aspects of your case
  • Other financial aspects of your case including any claim for alimony and child support if applicable
  • An understanding of the differences in state and federal protections afforded same-sex spouses, and strategies required to address these discrepancies.

Determined in Negotiations, Prepared for Trial

+++++Not every Boston family law firm is capable of representing people going through same-sex divorce, and it is certainly true that not all firms are equally well equipped with the knowledge and experience to do so. We heavily emphasize negotiation to resolve family law disputes, including same-sex divorce, but stand always prepared to litigate in order to achieve a just and fully equitable outcome for our client.

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+++++For an informative, exploratory consultation on your case, we encourage you to contact our Boston same-sex divorce lawyers at 617-523-4300 to schedule an initial consultation. One of our attorneys is a native, bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another is fluent in French.