Determining Child Custody in Massachusetts

+++++Determining child custody – where a child will live – and the parental responsibility for various activities are among the most important issues to be decided during a divorce. While most parents are committed to obtaining the best living arrangements for their children, ranging from joint custody to one parent having both legal and physical custody, an experienced Boston divorce and family law lawyer is an important component. Both parents need to understand the factors that determine child custody in Massachusetts.

Boston Child Custody Attorneys

+++++At Cunha & Holcomb, P.C., our Boston child custody attorneys strive to provide effective guidance and representation for parents who are dealing with custody matters under Massachusetts law. The overriding concern of the courts is determining what is in the best interest of the child. Whether your child custody issues can be resolved amicably, or need to be resolved in court, we will advocate effectively for you.
+++++Factors in deciding child custody include:

  • Any history of alcohol or drug abuse
  • Whether the parties have a history of being able and willing to cooperate in matters concerning the child
  • Child’s education and health care needs
  • Consideration of present and past abuse, including any continued risk of harm to the child
  • Relationship with each parent
  • Child preference, in some cases depending on the age, intellect and maturity of the child
  • Before you head to court or to a custody mediation, it is important to retain an attorney with up-to-date knowledge regarding the factors the family court needs to consider. We will make sure that you are prepared to seek what is in your child’s best interest.

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+++++When dealing with the difficult matters of child custody and visitation rights, turn to our Boston child custody lawyers for the utmost in focused attention and professional legal advocacy. We fight for you. Request a consultation by telephone or e-mail today.

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