Boston Prenuptial Agreements Lawyers

+++++Whether you are preparing to marry and want a solid, skillfully drafted prenuptial agreement or there is a “prenup” already in place that will factor into your divorce, you need experienced Boston prenuptial agreements lawyers. In both situations wealth and assets matter substantially. Your lawyer must be well versed in both current Massachusetts property division statutes and the ever-evolving case law in this high-stakes area. If you are already married and seek a financial agreement, contact us for a postnuptial (“postnup”) agreement.

Drafting, Analyzing and Litigating Complex Marital Agreements

+++++Our family law practice is led by 30-year veteran Attorney Helen Holcomb, a Certified Financial Litigator, who has substantial experience writing prenups and handling the negotiations or litigation necessary when a marital agreement is challenged. You work with Boston prenuptial agreements lawyers proven capable of:

  • asking the right questions to help you understand your asset protection and distribution goals
  • drafting a clear, defensible prenup designed to accomplish those goals
  • analyzing any prenuptial agreement insightfully and objectively in light of extensive divorce experience and knowledge of recent Supreme Judicial Court decisions
  • attacking or defending a marital agreement based on that balanced, informed analysis, the specific circumstances of your contested divorce and other information you provide

+++++We maintain a balanced divorce practice, representing both men and women with the goal of reaching a fair negotiated settlement if possible — but prepared for strategically sound, forceful litigation before a judge when needed.
+++++You can turn to us prior to marriage for informed guidance that may help prevent expensive and protracted disputes over property division later, or for in-depth personal counsel on the best way to proceed if you need to attack or enforce an agreement. In addition to our deep experience handling complex litigation and appeals, we use eminently qualified outside experts in asset valuation and other relevant fields.

Consult Skilled Boston Prenuptial Agreements Attorneys

+++++There are often compelling reasons to enter into a prenuptial agreement. We are familiar with the errors and lack of clarity that can make agreements vulnerable when they must be evaluated, executed or challenged in a court of law.

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+++++Please contact our firm at 617-523-4300 to schedule an initial consultation. One of our Boston prenuptial agreements lawyers is a native bilingual speaker in Spanish and English, and another is fluent in French.